Steri-Tek Process & System Capabilities | E-Beam & X-ray Sterilization
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Process & System Capabilities


Types of materials we process:

  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biologics
  • Allograft Tissue products
  • Cross-Linking / Materials Modification
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Chain Scission

System Capabilities:

Steri-Tek’s processing lines have a redundant design with matched E-beam/X-ray accelerators.

All machinery goes down at some time for repair or maintenance. At Steri-Tek this issue is invisible to our customers. When one of our accelerators is down, we run your product through a second time flipped so that it receives its prescribed dose.

As a critical vendor for your company, Steri-Tek is its own backup vendor. This is one of the main reasons Steri-Tek offers reliable irradiation service without system having to go down for service.

Two Sided Irradiation:

  • 2 Electron Beam Accelerators, 10 MeV @20 kW each.

Validated for Shipper Box Configurations:

  • 76 in. long x 48 in. high x 15 in. thick
  • Density x Thickness = up to 7.5 g/cm2 facing the beam.

Contract services include medical and pharmaceutical sterilization, materials modification, decontamination and food safety disinfestation